CISM 模擬試験最新版、Certified Information Security Manager

ShikenPASSは多くの認証業界の評判を持っています。それは我々はISACAのCISM 模擬試験最新版問題集やCISM 模擬試験最新版スタディガイドやCISM 模擬試験最新版問題と解答がたくさんありますから。現在のサイトで最もプロなITテストベンダーとして我々は完璧なアフターサービスを提供します。全てのお客様に追跡サービスを差し上げますから、あなたが買ったあとの一年間で、弊社は全てのお客様に問題集のアップグレードを無料に提供します。その間で認定テストセンターのISACAのCISM 模擬試験最新版試験問題は修正とか表示されたら、無料にお客様に保護して差し上げます。ISACAのCISM 模擬試験最新版試験問題集はShikenPASSのIT領域の専門家が心を込めて研究したものですから、ShikenPASSのISACAのCISM 模擬試験最新版試験資料を手に入れると、あなたが美しい明日を迎えることと信じています。

どのようにISACA CISM 模擬試験最新版試験に準備すると悩んでいますか。我々社のCISM 模擬試験最新版問題集を参考した後、ほっとしました。弊社のCISM 模擬試験最新版ソフト版問題集はかねてより多くのIT事業をしている人々は順調にISACA CISM 模擬試験最新版資格認定を取得させます。試験にパースする原因は我々問題集の全面的で最新版です。

ShikenPASSが提供する真実と全面的なISACA認証試験について資料で100%で君の試験に合格させてまたあなたに1年無料のサービスを更新し、今はShikenPASSのインターネットで無料のISACAのCISM 模擬試験最新版認証試験問題集のソフトウェアがダウンロード することができます。

試験科目:「Certified Information Security Manager」
問題と解答:全631問 CISM トレーリング学習

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NO.1 The MOST appropriate role for senior management in supporting information security is the:
A. evaluation of vendors offering security products.
B. monitoring adherence to regulatory requirements.
C. approval of policy statements and funding.
D. assessment of risks to the organization.
Answer: C

CISM 絶対   CISM 正確率   
Since the members of senior management are ultimately responsible for information security, they
are the ultimate decision makers in terms of governance and direction. They are responsible for
approval of major policy statements and requests to fund the information security practice.
Evaluation of vendors, assessment of risks and monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements
are day-to-day responsibilities of the information security manager; in some organizations, business
management is involved in these other activities, though their primary role is direction and

NO.2 Senior management commitment and support for information security will BEST be attained
by an information security manager by emphasizing:
A. organizational risk.
B. the responsibilities of organizational units.
C. security needs.
D. organization wide metrics.
Answer: A

CISM 参考   
Information security exists to help the organization meet its objectives. The information security
manager should identify information security needs based on organizational needs. Organizational
or business risk should always take precedence. Involving each organizational unit in information
security and establishing metrics to measure success will be viewed favorably by senior
management after the overall organizational risk is identified.

NO.3 The MOST important factor in planning for the long-term retention of electronically stored
business records is to take into account potential changes in:
A. application systems and media.
B. regulatory and legal requirements.
C. storage capacity and shelf life.
D. business strategy and direction.
Answer: A

CISM ミシュレーション   CISM 合格点   
Long-term retention of business records may be severely impacted by changes in application
systems and media. For example, data stored in nonstandard formats that can only be read and
interpreted by previously decommissioned applications may be difficult, if not impossible, to
recover. Business strategy and direction do not generally apply, nor do legal and regulatory
requirements. Storage capacity and shelf life are important but secondary issues.

NO.4 When a security standard conflicts with a business objective, the situation should be resolved
A. changing the security standard.
B. changing the business objective.
C. performing a risk analysis.
D. authorizing a risk acceptance.
Answer: C

CISM 書籍   
Conflicts of this type should be based on a risk analysis of the costs and benefits of allowing or
disallowing an exception to the standard. It is highly improbable that a business objective could be
changed to accommodate a security standard, while risk acceptance* is a process that derives from
the risk analysis.

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